Success Stories

"I'm a single parent with three kids ages 4 to 11, two boys and a girl. I grew up in a very dysfunctional family, and have no communication with my negligent and abusive parents. My commitment is to be a good parent, and avoid making the mistakes my parents made when raising me. Unfortunately my ex-husband is not unlike my parents, emotionally unavailable and basically out of the picture. I became overwhelmed, emotionally exhausted and fought depression. I didn't have a support system and the tools necessary to succeed as a parent. I needed help. Fortunately, I found Parenting Mentors and signed up for their service. I'm happy to have connected with a mentor who has given me the structure, tools and emotional support to be the parent I have always wanted to be. I'm enjoying my kids more and they seem to happier too! Thank you Parenting Mentors!"

Janice Q.


"I thought being a parent would be enjoyable and easy. My husband and I have two children, one a healthy teenage girl and the other a social needs ten year old. We had difficulty finding friends who were comfortable with, and could relate to our situation. We had become somewhat reclusive as a family. We subscribed to Parenting Mentors, and have been able to connect with families, and mentors who are in, or have experienced a similar situation. The advice, information and support we have received is invaluable. We're becoming much closer as a family. Great service! "

Carrie M.

"We are empty nesters who have raised four kind, hard working and successful children. We went through withdrawals when our children moved out, and on with their lives, as they should have. Our children are all geographically spread throughout the country. We visit them as often as we can, but life gets busy. We have a good marriage and enjoy each other, however we truly enjoyed being parents and raising our kids. Since they've been gone, we both felt something was missing.

We're both retired, and realized we needed a purpose. We found it through Parenting Mentors. Together we decided to subscribe to their service. We've connected with parents who needed someone to mentor them, and pass on our experience and wisdom to. The experience has been wonderful, and we encourage others in our situation to subscribe to Parenting Mentors, and find their purpose."

Steve and Maureen D.




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