About Parenting Mentors

Parenting Mentors was developed to be the ultimate resource for parents, grandparents, mentors, and those raising children to connect and get access to advice, information and tools that will help to raise physically and emotionally healthy children. We have created a safe place to gather support, find solutions, learn strategies and develop relationships to master the art of parenting.

"Children do not come with instructions," has become the mantra of many frustrated parents. We want to help alleviate that frustration, as well as feelings of failure, inadequacy, incompetence and other negative feelings that can arise from being a parent, or grandparent. We want to help you connect with someone who can help you embrace and experience the joys of parenthood.

Raising children can be the most challenging, frustrating, thankless, stressful, gratifying and rewarding job you'll ever have. It is also the most important endeavor a person will choose to undertake.

Parenting Mentors is for:

  • For those who struggle with the responsibility of parenthood and feel overwhelmed; we want to help you connect with those who can help you become enlightened and empowered.
  • For those who are just looking for tools and strategies to communicate with the different ages, personalities and emotional issues of your children or grandchildren; we want to connect you with successful parents, grandparents and mentors who have been there, done that.
  • For those whose parents have passed, are estranged from their family, or are looking for the family they've never had; we want to help you find what is missing from your life.
  • For those parents and grandparents who have raised happy, successful children and cultivated positive family dynamics for them and their children; we want to help you find purpose in your lives and pass on your wisdom to those in need.

We've developed this platform which will allow you to connect with a wonderful community of knowledgeable, diverse, experienced and successful child development experts, parents, grandparents and mentors, or maybe a new friend. Someone who can help you successfully maneuver through the trials and tribulations of raising children, and empower you with the tools necessary to raise accountable, confident, responsible, respectful and resilient children.




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